An Interactive Population Management Platform that Supports Clients Treatment of PTSD with Markedly Lower Reported Re-Admissions Costs for Providers


Cloud-based platform automates check-ins on individual patients via text messages for ongoing mental health support

Provide Better, Continuous Care. 
Reduce Re-Admissions & Costs.


Introducing LifeWIRE PTSD Care

LifeWIRE PTSD Care is an Interactive Communications Platform for helping Clients treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among large patient populations

It's the ideal solution for military veterans, first responders, police, fire fighters, healthcare workers, or any other group with higher rates of PTSD.

Industry Recognition

Real-time collection and examination of data about stressors as well as emotional responses to stressors such as interpersonal relationships, finances, and health concerns.

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Clinical interface tool allows clinicians to share outcomes with patients thus allow the patient to become more involved in their treatment.
It enhances therapeutic interventions.


Ease of use of electronic devices to record and monitor a range of self-appraisals and patterns of behaviours. In-platform solutions to simultaneously deliver treatment interventions.


Integrates, indexes multiple data elements into a comparative score to recognize and track changes and crisis events for behavioural science decision-making, maintain patient's compliance to treatment goals.

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With personalized communication, LifeWIRE can send motivational messages and/or ask for a response that rates the patient’s mood on a scale of 1 to 5

Certain responses, or non responses, can alert mental health providers and counselors to reach out to patients to provide additional support

Keeps providers and peer support group in touch with patient for continuous care anywhere, anytime, on any device


Case Study: Federal Health Care Center

  • A Veterans Administration Hospital saved approx. $1.37M in re-admission costs providing access for 38 more veterans in a 150-bed unit
  • Veterans suffering from PTSD experienced 32% fewer re-admissions

  • In a depression management study, the control group experienced a reduction in depression re-admission from 10.75% to 0 in the LifeWIRE Group

  • One veteran said that he relied on the messages for support at specific times in the day and that this helped him improve his coping abilities.

  • Several participants said that receiving the motivational messages helped them in general to feel supported and reduced feelings of loneliness and alienation.

  • Receiving the check-in question caused them to reflect on how they were really doing in that particular moment.

LifeWIRE's web-based mobile health and behavior management tool became available to the Federal Health Care Center as an intervention for monitoring and supporting veterans at high risk for suicide.

The text-messaging intervention enabled effective triage, improved clinical outreach,provided accurate charting, and reduced clinical workload.


They gave me inspirational thoughts three or four times a day. It would keep me focused on not being depressed.

It felt like someone was there encouraging me. The motivational messages came at needed times!

Once I realized where I was on the scale I used coping strategies to help myself either improve my mood or to maintain it.

I had to stop, really think about how I felt which I have never done before.

It forced me to be honest with myself